“Moreni Club Residence” puts nature first and sets high standards for the architecture and the environment.

“Moreni Club Residence” is a residential complex in Sofia, located in close proximity to the Ring Mall and IKEA store. It is set up on a 91 decares land area, low-rise development with panoramic view to the Vitosha Mountain, with plenty of sunshine, clean air and a lake.

There are luxury and regular homes designed within the complex and apartment dwellings with three-, two and one-bedroom apartments.

Moreni is the output result of a new urban habitation theory blending coexistence with nature, healthy lifestyle, active sports and leisure, spacious and sustainable architecture, modern and bright housing, security and tranquillity for family and kids.

Land area: 90 910 sq. m

Landscaped areas: 77 330 sq. m

Built-up area: 13 580 sq. m

Gross floor area: 40 088 sq. m

One, two and three-bedroom apartments
Single-family houses

Advantages of Moreni Residence

Moreni Club Residence is an entirely residential complex. The buildings are autonomously located, situated east-west, letting the airflow free and clean.

Buildings architecture follows the main concept: it is free and spacious, open to nature and the scenic panorama. They have different functionality but shared geometry and façade design. The rhythm of elements creates a place of tranquillity and synchronicity. The combination of natural materials like stone, wood and glass brings architecture closer to nature.



We place humans at the centre of everything, and around them – the sun, air, earth and water. The buildings are loosely positioned on the site, oriented to the path of the sun – east-west, with a spacious distance between them to let the airflow free and clean. For this purpose, the cars are designated to the periphery of the complex. The subterranean river was brought to the surface to create a new lake within an attractive and spacious recreational area. Landscaping benefits air cleanliness and attracts birds.



We create a living environment. It is not only flawless landscaping, lakes and water animation effects, efficient and safe streets and lanes, recreational areas and playgrounds. This is the pleasant feeling of enjoyment of life. Attention is paid to every detail of the environment and the best possible use of the existing commercial, social, educational and sports infrastructure.



For heating and cooling, we use clean energy carriers and technologies: natural gas, air conditioning equipment of the latest generation. We implement energy-efficient solutions: high-class thermal and waterproofing systems, rainwater harvesting and drainage collection systems for irrigation and domestic use. Buildings exposure ensures maximum solar energy utilization. Common areas are accomplished in luxury with sound-absorbing suspended ceilings and quiet soundproof flooring.

Sports and activities

Sports and activities

Moreni is equivalent to a healthy lifestyle. It is a lounging place. It is a step away from the Vitosha Mountain where you can walk in the woods, ski in the wintertime and bike in the summertime. The Alley of Health encompasses 2,500 m sport lanes, walking and jogging zones and outdoor fitness areas. The marked route is safe and secure. There are a mini football field and volleyball court for the kids away from the buildings.



Home security is one of the essential factors for the peace and comfort of every family. At Moreni Residence controlled access, 24/7 security and CCTV cameras installed everywhere to provide for feeling safe and protected.



The residential complex is located both close to nature at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, but still within walking distance to important trade points – the Ring Mall and IKEA store. There is easy access to the ring road, and Sofia Metro network extension plans provide for a metro station close-by in the near future.



Air provides us with life-giving oxygen.


Earth gives us energy and food.


Life is impossible without water.


Fire gives us warmth. The sun radiates heat to warm us up on the planet earth.

The man

Healthy people live in harmony with nature.

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